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What Is Double Time Pay and How to Calculate It? Knowing Your Rights Is The Key To Boosting Your Work Motivation!

November 25, 2022
What Is Double Time Pay and How to Calculate It? Knowing Your Rights Is The Key To Boosting Your Work Motivation!

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If consolation payment hadn’t been for, working extra out of your regular work hours may be overwhelming, motivation absorbing, and even affect your social life with your overall health negatively. In such circumstances, extra payments are on the table such as double time which employers give their staff as a kind of consolation and thanks. Although double time is not valid everywhere, overtime pay is given at the normal rate of one and a half in all conditions to pay regard to labor standards. To understand what double time is, you should also get informed about overtime pay and time and a half. Here is everything you need to know about double time - hours, OT, pay, laws, and more.

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In situations like this, by understanding double pay and how to calculate it, you can ensure that you are financially rewarded for your time, work, and doing more than you should be.

Also, by tracking your time and budget simultaneously, you can keep yourself motivated and affect your output positively while saving your time by finishing your work orderly. You know the drill!

Let’s dip into it!

What is double time work pay?

Double time, -sometimes known as “double overtime”- is a rate of hourly pay corresponding to twofold of an employee’s basic pay in extreme or unusual circumstances that you need to work on. For example, federal holidays, overnight shifts, weekends, or an excessive amount of overtime.

It can be said that double-time payment is a way of compensation from employers to employees who work overtime for undesirable shifts. It is usually applied when you are already in overtime or sometimes to fill undesired shifts as mentioned above. It is up to your employer to pay you double time and choose which days to be open and closed for business. So, you may work on holidays but be paid nothing more than your regular pay and it is not against the law.

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Overtime and Time and a Half Pay Policy. What It Is and How to Calculate It?

Overtime is hours employees work extra than their bounden duty. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), “the pay rate required for overtime is minimum of 1.5 times the regular hourly rate for all hourly workers in the US after exceeding 40 hours of work in a workweek.” This rate of payment is called time and a half. Employers must pay time and a half, but they can choose to pay double time depending on their own pay policies to remunerate their employees.

When and Where Is Double Overtime Required?

Double time is not applied by law in the US for hourly workers except in California because the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not cover it. Therefore, employers are not required to pay their employees double-time rate outside of California unless they have union agreements that require it; but must necessarily pay “time and a half” for overtime work pay standing for exceeding 40 hours of work in a workweek according to the law.

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California Is the only state to have a double time rate law on the books!

According to federal pay laws outside California, double time is not required but up to companies’ and employers’ own policies and will for employees who work overtime. In California, a day's work consists of 8 hours of labor and a week’s work consists of 6 days.

Special California Rules: Paid Double Time

According to State of California Department of Industrial Relations “Employment beyond eight hours in any workday or more than six days in any workweek requires the employee to be compensated for the overtime at not less than:

  • One and one-half times the employee's regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of eight hours up to and including 12 hours in any workday, and for the first eight hours worked on the seventh consecutive day of work in a workweek; and
  • Double the employee's regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 12 hours in any workday and for all hours worked in excess of eight on the seventh consecutive day of work in a workweek.”

Do Companies Have to Offer Time & a Half for Overtime?

Paid Double Time is a Choice Outside of California

Apart from federal law or outside of California, double time is a choice that employers can choose to remunerate their employees in exchange for doing their business. Double pay could be paid even if is not mandatory by order of the employer or not and it is not against the law unless companies have their own union agreements that require double pay. In this way, even if double time is not eligible legally in their state, employers can decide their own company policies about overtime payments.

Know Your Rights About Overtime and Double Time

You need to examine your union contract or employee handbook to learn more about your company’s policy regarding overtime payments to receive accurately deserved payroll. You must find out if your company pays double time for overtime, hours worked on holidays, weekends, or other specific events. On holidays including New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day companies may pay double time for hours worked, but again it depends on employers’ specific policies, so you need to know your rights delicately. Hereby, you can calculate your eligible worked hours feasible for double-time payment and get your due!


How to Calculate Double-Time Pay

Double Time for Hourly Workers

  • To calculate double-time pay for hourly workers, you need to consider your normal hourly wage and duplicate it.
  • To calculate overtime pay, you need to add one and a half times your normal hourly wage to the original amount.
  • To calculate double time, you need to find your normal hourly wage and duplicate it.
  • If you are an hourly worker, calculating double time is easy with basic math.
  • For instance: if you earn $17 hourly, you will get $34 hourly with double time.

Double Time on A Salary

For salaried workers a few more steps of calculation are required, do not worry; let’s take a look together:

·Multiply your monthly payment by 12 to get the annual salary.

·Divide the annual salary by 52 to get the weekly salary.

·Divide the weekly salary by the number of legal maximum regular hours (40) to get the regular hourly rate and double it!

For instance: If you paid $4000 monthly, you would get a $48.000 annual salary. By dividing it by 52 you figure out that your weekly salary is approximately $923. Finally dividing it by the number of legal maximum regular hours (40), you come to the conclusion that your regular hourly rate is approximately $23 and double time is $46.

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Final Thoughts- Preserving Motivation, Time, and Money While Overworking

Last but not least, your social life with both your mental and physical health should be carefully treated while you are intensely working. Also demanding your fair share and going after the effort and time spent is a key to your motivation. Working overtime could help you to make a profit for your overall output and financial gain thanks to overtime payments as double time but at the same time process management plays a significant role to overcome this paced process. Also demanding your fair share and going after the effort and time spent is key to your overall satisfaction.

Working overtime can be a burden, but if you know your rights and the laws surrounding double time, you can make sure you're being fairly compensated. Be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest information so you can get paid what you deserve. Preserving your motivation, time and money are likely possible thanks to time management and your motivation would be boosted if you could observe your earnings alongside the time you spent working. Do yourself a favor and pick up the pieces in a breeze with our user friendly time tracking& budget management software!

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