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What is “Share Focus Status” on iPhone and How Does It Work?

January 27, 2023
What is “Share Focus Status” on iPhone and How Does It Work?

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Our phones and computers are now crucial parts of daily work and personal life. We get most of our work done through personal computers and phones. Therefore, you might need a break from these devices at some point, try to

Turning your phone off can be the ultimate solution and the old one, but you might be expecting a call or want a specific feature for not getting distracted by your phone or computer without turning it off. Eventually, Apple (and most other OEMs) decided to create Focus Mode which was then replaced with Do Not Disturb Mode which aims for offering their users a solution for those kinds of problems.

So, to provide a better understanding, let’s look into what Focus Mode and Share Focus Status actually mean.


share focus status

What is Focus Mode?

The Focus Mode Apple devices like the iPhone function are intended to keep users concentrated and reduce distractions when working or studying. Once activated, it enables users to choose particular distracting apps, temporarily blocks their alerts, automatically mutes sounds and vibrations, and makes it more challenging to access such apps.

Focus Mode can also be easily accessed via the control center on their IPhone, and users can plan it to automatically switch on during particular times of the day or week, such as during work or study hours.

When users are in Focus Mode, they receive a notification from their phone or computer that tells them that they successfully are in the mode and that their notifications are silenced. They won't get notifications from various apps, but they will still be able to receive phone calls and messages. Just by hitting the "exit focus mode" button in their phone's control center, users can quickly and easily exit Focus Mode whenever they want.

For people who wish to boost their productivity and concentrate on their job, study or "me time" without being distracted by alerts or other phone distractions, Focus Mode is a beneficial feature.

You can also use this feature while driving, sleeping, and in your personal time such as; spending time with your family or friends, and reading if you want fewer distractions from your phone.

Focus Mode Presets and Customization

Focus Mode on Apple devices allows users to create presets and customize the feature to their specific needs. The presets feature allows users to quickly enable and disable certain apps and notifications based on different scenarios or environments, such as during important meetings or events while working, or while sleeping.

Some examples of the preset mode are:

Do Not Disturb:

This preset is great for significant gatherings, events, or celebrations. It silences all notifications and alerts, allowing users to focus on the task at hand without being disturbed.


Ideal for any work-related environment whether in an office or home. It can be set to receive notifications from coworkers or office apps like Slack and Gmail.


All of our notifications will be silenced when this mode is on, with the exception of those from contacts added to your Personal list and apps you want to use.


When your bedtime has been set, the mode will turn off all notifications and alerts from persons and applications other than those you have excluded in the mode settings.

In addition to these presets, users can also create their own customized modes. This feature is quite flexible. To ensure that you never miss anything crucial, urgent, or emergent, you can decide which apps and contacts can work while in Focus Mode and choose them accordingly. It can also be scheduled or automated, even across multiple devices.

In summary, Focus Mode on iOS allows users to create preset modes like Do Not Disturb, Work, Personal and Sleep, with the ability to customize it further by picking apps and contacts that can bypass it and schedule it or automate it across multiple devices.

share focus mode

Share Focus Mode Explanation

"Share Focus Status" is a feature that allows apps to detect if a user has enabled the Focus Mode on their device.

Share Focus Mode is an extension of Focus Mode that enables you to share your focus status with selected contacts when they try to reach you.

The “Share Focus Status” feature allows the person contacting you to know that your phone is in a Focus Mode, however, it does not reveal the specific type of Focus Mode you are in. If you have your phone in Sleep Focus Mode or Work Focus Mode, the person contacting you will not know which one it is. This feature protects your privacy by not revealing the specific reason or context behind why you have enabled the Focus Mode on your phone.

You can think of it as those old auto-reply messages that needed choosing a specific message to inform people about your status. In this case, Apple provides you with a convenience that shows your Focus Mode Status once you choose to share your focus mode.

But, what if there is an emergency?

Once this feature is enabled, when someone contacts you, they immediately know that you are in Focus Mode and that you might not respond immediately. They then have the option to notify you immediately if the matter is urgent, important or if there is an emergency. This feature allows for better communication and understanding between contacts.

The feature also includes an option called "Notify Anyway", which allows the person contacting you to bypass your phone's Focus Mode and send you a notification. However, it's important to note that this option only appears after two or three messages are sent quickly, and it's up to the person to decide if the message is urgent or important. Also, this option is only available on iOS 15 or above.

Benefits of "Share Focus Mode"

Let's say you enabled Focus Mode, and someone attempts to reach you via iMessage, they may see a message informing them that your notifications are silenced, or you are in "Focus Mode", therefore you may not respond immediately.

This feature allows the user to communicate their focus status to others and avoid unnecessary interruptions during their focused time. Enabling Share Status Mode helps you avoid unpleasant situations and misunderstandings as a result of the assumption that you are ignoring people on purpose.


benefits of share focus mode


How do I share my Focus status?

You can decide whether to reveal your Focus status in the Messages App with each individual contact.

How do I enable or disable the Focus Status setting?

Set the "Share Focus Status" switch on or off by scrolling down till you see it.

What can Focus Mode do for me?

Focus Mode is a tool that can assist in minimizing distractions by grouping notifications, removing easily distractive apps from the home screen, and decluttering the lock screen.

what can share focus mode do

What is IPhone share focus status?

When you set a Focus, you can choose to enable the "Share Focus Status" option, allowing apps to show that you have disabled your notifications for messages. However, it's worth mentioning that apps will only know that your notifications are silenced but not which specific Focus Mode you have chosen. This way, the name of your Focus is kept private.

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