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How to Incorporate Exercise Into a Busy Work Day

November 25, 2022
How to Incorporate Exercise Into a Busy Work Day

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The average American often juggles work, household responsibilities, and lifestyle activities, all within 24 hours. According to a survey on time use by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who worked at their workplace for 7.8 hours whereas those working from home did so for 5.6 hours on their scheduled workday on average. Furthermore, people usually spend 2-3 hours completing household chores and more than 2.2 hours tending to children. Given both accounted and unaccounted responsibilities, it can be difficult for someone to squeeze exercise into their schedule, especially when busy with work and everything else.

report on physical inactivity notes that without proper exercise, people are at greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. With one in two adults not getting enough aerobic physical activity, it has become essential that you make an effort to incorporate exercise into your routines. Here are some ways you can fit in exercise on a busy work day:

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Finding fun and simple workout activities

Sometimes, people trick themselves into thinking they don’t have time, but in reality, they are unmotivated to exercise. Including fun exercises in your fitness plan to help lose or maintain weight can work wonders for your health, even getting you closer to your weight-loss goals. Finding movements you enjoy — having dance breaks, stretching at your desk, or taking a walk at lunchtime — can help you develop a healthy habit that sticks. You can get closer to your fitness goals much sooner through simple physical activities. Activities like dance classes such as Zumba last 30 minutes, giving you intense cardio while not feeling like a chore. 

Add it to your calendar

Rather than putting off exercise time for other tasks, it may help to treat the physical activity as if it was a scheduled activity in your work day. For jam-packed work days, you may be able to handle unexpected assignments by finding ways around them — asking your coworkers to cover your meeting, or taking work home, among other things — to squeeze in your workout. As shared in our post on habits of successful people, exercise is part of keeping healthy and should be considered your ‘you time.’ Blocking off at least 30 minutes of your time can push you to take action and have a bit of physical activity for the day.

Work out efficiently

The best way to get your fitness up without using too much time is to choose workouts that provide significant gains in a short time. Some examples include bodyweight workouts, CrossFit, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which take up as little as 20 minutes of your day. For busy working parents, you can multitask and consider time with kids as exercise, such as getting a jogging stroller or doing some workouts while playing at the playground. You can easily add fitness to your daily routine and habits by having efficient activities.

Exercise while working

If you’re very short on time, you can incorporate exercise while working using a treadmill desk. A study on treadmill desks found that their use can reduce overall sitting time, which can be beneficial for sedentary adults in weight management, glucose and lipid metabolism, and reduced mortality risk. While walking benefits your health, prolonged standing and walking can be as taxing on the heart as lengthy sitting. It’s essential to take breaks to ensure your body can recover and work effectively.

You can commit to making time for physical activity even on a busy day through these methods. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of reframing your mindset and putting in the effort to build healthy habits.

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