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Doing the Opposite of Procrastination: Learn How to Cope With It Professionally

November 25, 2022
Doing the Opposite of Procrastination: Learn How to Cope With It Professionally

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How To Cope With Procrastination Professionally

In a world full of work and deadlines that should be managed, procrastination could be a huge problem that should be handled in a strategic way. In society, the attitude towards procrastination is a topic of discussion. It is seen as a problem, for sure, and it is usually associated with laziness, low self-efficacy, and lack of discipline. It might have a bad influence on your academic or business performance, however, in order to deal with the stress that procrastination causes, you can use it as a strategy for better time management. Therefore, you can use a time tracking tool such as BeforeSunset for adapting this strategy easily to your life.

Here are the key points about handling the procrastination process: First, you should be aware of your problem; then, you should find the reason for it; and lastly you should find strategies for dealing with this problem. Before finding our strategies for handling this problem, we should comprehend what is procrastination first.

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Procrastination Does Not Equal Laziness

First of all, you should recognize your enemy. Procrastination is basically the act of delaying or being slow about the tasks that should be done for a length of time. While you are procrastinating, you are usually distracted by other activities, such as checking your mobile phone, doing fun activities that could cause you to forget your pressure about the task, and so on.

Being a Procrastinator

Professor Clarry Lay calls procrastination “a temporal gap between intended behavior and enacted behavior.” Actually, it is all about timing and prioritizing. You choose to spend time doing another activity in a significant time period, instead of doing the task that you should prioritize. That decision might end up with missed deadlines, poor academic or business performance, or lower grades unless you decide to turn the tables on yourselves. Let’s make this clear with an example. If you have an assignment to submit in three days, which will actually take three hours, you can either choose to do it for three days or choose to do it in the last three hours. In the first option, you will spend three days doing your assignment. In the second option, you won’t have any time to mess around, and therefore, you will have to focus on your task. Through this decision, you can learn to manage your time efficiently. In order to cope with procrastination, we should know the reasons why we procrastinate.

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The Reasons Behind Procrastination Process

Why do we procrastinate or why do we delay? There are numerous studies about these questions. Instead of labeling this process with false facts, psychological aspects of the situation should be analyzed.

According to researchers, there are actually several reasons behind the act of delaying.

  • You cannot decide where to start or what to choose as a topic, therefore you procrastinate inevitably. Uncertainty is one of the main reasons behind procrastinating. If you feel uncertain about the things related to your task, you’ll more likely to end up being a procrastinator.
  • You’re unable to deal with the fear of failure when you have a task. Also, being a perfectionist might be related to this fear. You worry about the quality of the work which you haven’t even started or you are afraid of failure from the beginning.
  • You will be more voluntary to do the tasks that you love and want. If you are not eager about the performance of your task, you will probably delay doing it. Hence, task aversion is another important factor that hinders you from doing your task on time.
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Doing The Opposite of Procrastination

The reasons behind the procrastination cause you to feel overwhelmed with this whole process. In order to be more productive, you can take advantage of some tips and advice.

  • Making a list can help you to stay on track. You can either write down your tasks in a notebook or you can create a to-do list through an
  • online tool.
  • Prioritizing your responsibilities can help you to be organized. You can feel at ease by knowing your priorities and the ordering of the tasks.
  • Using a time management tool can help you to stress less and increase your focus on the tasks.

Who Procrastinates?

Indeed, it is all familiar to most people. Not only in the work field, but also in our daily lives we procrastinate a lot. We say that we will start our diets on Mondays. We delay even household chores because we exaggerate things. Research has shown that there is no significant difference among the procrastinator profiles. For example, we can’t say that men are more prone to procrastinating or that students with lower grade point averages have a tendency to procrastinate. Both students and employees deal with procrastination. When studying, undergrad and grad school students have to deal with a lot of assignments, exams, and papers. That applies to employees as well. They have a lot of going on and sometimes their workload stresses them and it might result in procrastination. The important point here is that you should embrace this whole process and create solutions to increase your productivity. You should manage your stress, your time, and your mind.


Is Precrastination The Answer?

Rather than postponing work until the last minute, there is an option of doing it early. Not just early, doing it with a rush of urgency disregarding the quality of work. This is called precrastination and it may not be as healthy as you think. Procrastination increases stress because of the little time period you have left to finish the work. Precrastination creates the stress of doing it as soon as you can. In this stressful state of mind, you start doing errors and your work might not live up to your standards. The best way to work is the happy middle, don't do it the last minute, take your time to bring out a work you can be proud of.

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Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is kind of inevitable for everyone and in every aspect of life. Even though you promise yourself to never delay the tasks again, you inevitably do at the end of the day. Rather than making it a problem, you should embrace it and use it as a strategy to handle the tasks like a pro. Working under pressure might help you to work more effectively, even at the last minute. I know it sounds ironic, but you can see the positive sides of the problem, and you can adapt them to the new situation that you create. By embracing your problem and using it as a tool for your own benefit, you can help enemies turn into lovers. Timing and prioritizing are everything throughout this process, accordingly, tracking time is crucial.

With BeforeSunset, you can easily track your time and worry less about the projects, because you will complete each task smoothly before sunset.

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