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Time Tracking

Track time for all the projects and tasks you are working on.
Start and stop the time tracker with a single click as you work, or enter your target time on the timesheet.
Set weekly capacities for your teammates.
Keep track of your team's workload and plan the division of tasks accordingly.

Project Management

Monitor how much time your team dedicates to various projects and tasks.
Carry out an elaborate analysis of your budget attainment and budget overrun.
Keep track of the profit you obtain (or loss you incur) for each client and project.
Create an unlimited number of projects and archive completed ones when you wish.

Budget Monitoring

Monitor how much time your team dedicates to various projects and tasks.
Set budget type in terms of currency or hours.
Keep track of the costs of your efforts.


Ensure that your projects are running smoothly through elaborate reporting.
Examine daily, weekly and monthly reports by project, employee, task and date.
Analyze your teams' progress and work efficiency.
Export reports in the form of CSV or PDF files.

User Roles

Which user type applies to you? Our platform offers three user types: account manager, project manager, or general user. You can assign user roles to your team members according to their set of responsibilities.

Users can
Manage the time
Manage daily set of tasks
Manage weekly set of tasks
Project Managers can
Time management, reimagined
Project management, reimagined
Seamless team management
Account Managers can
Manage the team
Seamless project management
Budget management

Billable Rate and Cost History

You may edit the project-specific billable rates or costs for an individual, starting from a certain date.
If you wish, you may keep the previous rate for the period tracked until that date.

Project Cost Calculation

If you wish, you may set different budgets for each member of the project team. Configure your total project budget depending on team members' work hours and performance.
You also have the option to set different hourly budgets for the various teams working on the project. Then calculate your project's total budget based on the teams' work hours.

Multiple Currency Support

The project currency is set according to the currency you have designated for your client.
In case you have not designated a currency for your client, the project currency will be set according to the account's default curreny.
Since currency is set at the client and account level, only one currency can be employed in expenditures for a single client.

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